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Our ethos

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Our ethos is about delivering projects to the highest standard, with minimal disruptions and ensuring we provide a cost effective service.

When you use our services, you will be able to trust that your project is in safe hands, and that you will be kept informed throughout the course of the project. We will ensure you have peace of mind that your project is on track.

We are a professional, highly experienced company. We believe that in order to work well with our clients, we must form good relationships and ensure our values are aligned.

Exceptional communication is imperative to us, and we will always respond quickly to any questions or comments you may have.

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Helping businesses fulfil their demands

We understand the challenges faced by businesses, including the demands of managing projects. We listen to your needs, find the best solutions and work with you to achieve your goals.

We provide our own contractors and operative workforce that fit with your requirements.

We also understand the challenges that the Off-Payroll (IR35) working regulations have put on businesses needing to increase project output.

We work with you and provide you with our own workforce within the regulations. As the workforce is our own and works for us, we are in control of the IR35 responsibilities and risks.

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How it works

Needs and deliverables

We work on a project basis and the first stage is to understand your needs and the goals and high level deliverables of the project.

We allocate and manage suitable contractors and operatives based on their profiles. Throughout the project we arrange regular review meetings to discuss the progress, obtain your feedback and understand any issues/concerns.

Why choose us?

Extensive reach

As part of the Compello Services Group, we work together with our partners to create the perfect solution to your project needs.

We are experts within the field and managing projects through our contractor workforce is something we do well.

If you have a project you require support with, we will ensure we provide the best operatives and manage the project throughout each stage. We conduct regular reviews throughout the lifecycle of the project, ensuring that the project stays on track. Substitutions are easily provided to counter any possible delays due to a shortfall in operatives.

Case study

Sourcing specialist, licenced, engineers for CHC Scotia

“Using myCOS allowed us to outsource the project management aspect of a number of projects to them, taking the responsibilities of IR35 and contractor management away from us. Using their services has saved us time and money!”

Lee James CHC Helicopter

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