How to Ensure you Retain Good Contractors

14 Feb 2023

The nature of contracting is that contractors tend to come and go, but there may be times when you want to hold onto a good contractor for an extended period, or you want to ensure you can use their service again in the future. At the very least, you want to retain good contractors stay until the project is complete. Good contractors will often have other options available, and therefore, retaining the talent within your organisation would be beneficial. It can be challenging to keep everyone happy if you manage multiple contractors, but it is vital to do so. These are some steps you can take to help ensure you retain good contractors.

Clear Expectations

Before the contractor starts their assignment, your expectations of them should be clear, so there is no room for confusion. What is the project outcome, and what do you expect weekly or monthly? For instance, if an IT contractor is working on developing a program, ensure they have deadlines set and an overall goal. The clearer you can be with your expectations, the better for all.

Ensure Responsiveness

If a contractor needs help or asks a question, ensure you are responsive to them and that the lines of communication are always open. Don’t keep vital information from them that disrupts the outcomes they are trying to achieve. Contractors will become irritated if they feel they are not receiving the responses they need to fulfill their assignment requirements.

Ask for Feedback

Working with contractors is a two-way street; it is not just about the work they do for you but also what you do for them. Therefore, asking for regular feedback is a good way to keep your contractors happy. For instance, are they enjoying the project? Are staff members providing them with the required access? Is everyone being responsive to their queries? Do they feel they have the required clearance to carry out the work effectively? These are all things to consider when requesting feedback from contractors.

Timely Payment

If you have a set date for paying your contractors, make sure you adhere to this as otherwise, you will not only have a disgruntled contractor on your hands, but your reputation could be tarnished too. Contractors will only feel valued if you pay them as per the agreed date.

If you foresee any payment issues, such as errors in the invoice, late invoices received, or late timesheet submissions for Time and Material projects as examples, then speak to the Contractor before the agreed payment date to resolve any of these issues before it becomes a big deal!

Deal with Issues

If the contractor is experiencing issues with the project they are undertaking, or the individuals they are dealing with, it is not their responsibility to manage this. You need to be able to take these issues on and deal with them on behalf of the contractor. They are not part of the company; therefore, they should not have to deal with internal politics or issues that affect their work.

At myCOS, we understand the challenges you face when dealing with multiple contractors, which is why we manage contractors on your behalf. We ensure they are happy within their roles and committed to their project so that you can get on with your day job. If you are looking for contractors, and need our help, email to arrange a call.






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