5 Benefits of Using a Contracted-Out Service

03 Aug 2022

When it comes to delivering projects, it can be a massive burden on businesses to find the right contractors/resources and to ensure that the project stays on track. When delivering on a project, there are many factors to consider; will you find the right resourcess? Will you meet your project deadlines? What delays will you have if a contractor does not work on certain days? And of course, there are IR35 implications to consider.

Choosing contracted-out services shifts the responsibility off your shoulders and onto someone else’s (ours preferably!)

Here are some benefits of using a contracted-out service to deliver on your projects.

Focus on Day-to-Day Role

One of the main reasons a business will turn to a contracted-out service is that they want to free up their managers to focus on their day-to-day tasks. If they primarily deal with the demands of running a project, they won’t have time for much else, so they may not always meet clients’ needs.

Specialist Support

It may not always be possible for a company to have the specialist knowledge required to meet the demands of a project. For instance, they may need contractors to fill a particular role they have no prior knowledge of. The contracted-out service would be able to secure the services of experienced, professional individuals to ensure that the project is delivered successfully.

Stay on Track

Another reason it may prove more beneficial to use a contracted-out service is to ensure the project stays on track. It can be easy to get side-tracked when a project is being delivered in-house. For instance, a contractor fails to fulfil their obligations, but managers are too busy with their roles to keep it on track. A contracted-out service, like myCOS, will set timescales and milestones to ensure that the project always stays on track.

Cost Effective

When a project is not managed efficiently, it can cost much more than you would have envisaged. Therefore, it is paramount to ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget. A contracted-out service is more likely to provide this by focusing on contractor management and keeping the project within budget.

Reduce IR35 Risks

The changes to the IR35 rules have made many businesses think twice about using contractors. With our contracted-out services, we assist companies with the challenges they face concerning IR35, and we take on the responsibilities around IR35 compliance. Ultimately, this means you can continue using the valuable knowledge and experience contractors bring without worrying about the IR35 complications of doing so.

If you are running a project and need some assistance, myCOS can provide contracted-out services. Why not drop us an email at info@my-cos.net with your requirements, and we can set up a call to discuss these in more detail.

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